One for the Roses in Mexico City

Four dozen dozen roses and a serenade create a lasting impression … or not? Apparently in Mexico City, such actions are a dime a dozen.

For Better or for Worse at a Wedding in Italy

Everyone’s heard of a groom with cold feet … but a priest? When my sister decided to get married in Italy, we knew there would be some challenges but not a forced exodus of the entire congregation.

Poisonous ‘Snike’ on the Loose in Australian Winery

“A red-bellied black snake is on the loose!” cried the owner of a famous Australian winery while running with a shovel through the tasting room where we were sipping Shiraz. This was not at all who we were expecting to meet on our beautiful excursion to Hunter Valley.

Beaten, Shaken and Stirred in a Turkish Bath

Istanbul is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, physically located on the European continent but dominated culturally by the Middle East. These worlds collide in amusing ways in Turkish baths known as hammams.

Rescue of Antarctic Ship ‘Periled at Sea’

“We’re going to have to rescue another ship,” said our expedition leader in the midst of the Antarctic Sea. This was far more adventure than we expected and thankfully, we lived to tell about it.

Unsuspecting Visitors in the South African Bush

Think of South Africa and your mind may first go to wine. But it also is amazing country for safaris and the wine comes in handy for them as the wildlife can get up close and personal … sometimes, too close.

Denmark is about 50 times smaller than Greenland with only 2 percent of its land space (43,000 vs. 2 million km2). However, Greenland has 1 percent of Denmark’s population (58,000 vs. 5.9 million).