Fire Land, Earth Wine, Sulfur Water and Godly Air in the Caucasus

Gergeti Trinity Church, north Georgia, Caucasus

Noah’s Ark purportedly landed in the Caucasus, a region between the Black and Caspian Seas where the Caucasus Mountains divide Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The latter in the South Caucasus includes Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, where fire, earth, water and air are “biblical.” No wonder the ark survived.

Easter Bunny Trail in Germany, America and Armenia

Teapot Sculpture Yerevan, Armenia

While Easter has been a Christian celebration for centuries, it began as a non-religious spring festival. And the Easter bunny hopped to America from another country. Moreover, the first Christian state in the world was in West Asia. Discover a basket of “eggs-cellent” facts …

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and Gratitude in Thailand

Rayong, Thailand

Thailand is known as a honeymooning paradise for good reason with its white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, bountiful flora and fauna, luxurious hotels, elegant dining, inexpensive massages and outstanding service. It’s a land of hedonism for better or worse.

‘Kodak Moment’ in a ‘Village’ Near Mumbai

Remember when film was used in cameras and « Kodak moments » were advertised on television? The moments it celebrated will always exist. One for me involved a digital camera in India. It was amazing how such a small instrument could spread big love.

Carpe(t) Diem in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is Central Asia’s most elusive country with few tourists, making it also the most fascinating. That’s especially true for a journalist as Turkmenistan has no freedom of the press. But it is well worth visiting … seize the day, just not carpets.

Beaten, Shaken and Stirred in a Turkish Bath

Istanbul is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, physically located on the European continent but dominated culturally by the Middle East. These worlds collide in amusing ways in Turkish baths known as hammams.