Tracing Korean History in Seoul by a Long Line and Words

South Korea was formed with the creation of the 38th parallel in 1945 to separate the communist north from the democratic south. The Korean War that followed was a proxy for the Cold War between the USSR and United States. Seoul traces this history as well as deep Chinese influence in this long line and words, respectively.

‘Kodak Moment’ in a ‘Village’ Near Mumbai

Remember when film was used in cameras and « Kodak moments » were advertised on television? The moments it celebrated will always exist. One for me involved a digital camera in India. It was amazing how such a small instrument could spread big love.

Denmark is about 50 times smaller than Greenland with only 2 percent of its land space (43,000 vs. 2 million km2). However, Greenland has 1 percent of Denmark’s population (58,000 vs. 5.9 million).