Easter Bunny Trail in Germany, America and Armenia

Teapot Sculpture Yerevan, Armenia

While Easter has been a Christian celebration for centuries, it began as a non-religious spring festival. And the Easter bunny hopped to America from another country. Moreover, the first Christian state in the world was in West Asia. Discover a basket of “eggs-cellent” facts …

Giving Thanks in America’s Heartland

The U.S. Midwest – including my home state of Michigan – is generally known for salt-of-the-earth, genuine, friendly people. Think apple-picking, football game-watching, pumpkin pie-baking, leaf-raking Americans that set the gold standard in English. Our north-central region is the nation’s heartland geographically and arguably, sentimentally.

Alive with the Sound of Music in Yosemite

About 20 years ago, my sister and I took a summer girls’ trip to California to enjoy swanky San Francisco, Napa Valley wineries, Universal Studios Hollywood and the great outdoors. The latter included mountain climbing in Yosemite National Park in the awesome Sierra Nevada. But it’s not made for hiking in the dark.

Jail Bail in the Windy City of Chicago

One time in Chicago, Illinois, a longtime friend put me in jail. That’s so she wouldn’t have to do time there herself. It was female bonding in the Windy City to say the least.

One for the Roses in Mexico City

Four dozen dozen roses and a serenade create a lasting impression … or not? Apparently in Mexico City, such actions are a dime a dozen.