Charades and Escapades in Antigua of the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda, a twin-island nation in the Eastern Caribbean archipelago, is known for spectacular white and pink sand beaches (365 for every day of the year), clear turquoise waters, coral reefs, rich sea life, a rainforest and frigate bird sanctuaries. As well, this little hot spot is a little-known foodie hot spot with outstanding European restaurants and creole cuisine. The latter, inherited from early Arawak and Carib settlers, is well-maintained in spite of British occupation for nearly 400 years.

Denmark is about 50 times smaller than Greenland with only 2 percent of its land space (43,000 vs. 2 million km2). However, Greenland has 1 percent of Denmark’s population (58,000 vs. 5.9 million).