Meet Me

It was wanderlust at first sight: My first trip abroad to Paris during high school made me fall in love with international travel. I always studied maps as a kid but pinning them to note destinations visited* became an obsession as an adult. Then I started documenting my adventures in words and photos. Seven continents and nearly 100 countries later, here I am. Now it’s my mission to inspire others to experience the world, even if only virtually through my words and photos. 

Wanderlust is not just about exploration, it’s about connection, character-building and peace promotion. Connecting with people from different places inspires cultural understanding and appreciation. It turns the colloquial Continental Divide into a symbolic Continental Divine. (Hence, the colors of my logo are that of the international peace flag.) Through virtual or literal travel, each of us can be an ambassador of goodwill, spreading peace and joy among the seven “Cs” while discovering the world. Here are my stories about the wonders of wanderlust …

My stories have also been published on, The Brussels Times Magazine, ART + DESIGN and other U.S. and European publications.

XX, Angela Dansby

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Unlike Australia, Antarctica is only a continent, not also a country. That’s because it does not have sovereignty, a government, a political system, an army or a permanent population.