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I’m American-made, Brussels-based and world-traveled. With footprints on all seven “Cs” (continents), I share stories about them in this “armchair travel” blog to remind us that our planet is amazing and worth exploring, even from afar.

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Ghost Chickens in the ‘Living Skies’ of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, a western Canadian province known as the “land of living skies,” has been in my vocabulary for decades. First it was due to the uniqueness of the name. This childhood obsession morphed into my foodie profession. Saskatoon is “boomtown” of culinary delights.

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Adventures in and on Water in ‘Blue-Green’ Switzerland

Aside from being politically neutral, staying out of the EU and being one of the world’s most expensive countries, Switzerland is perhaps best known for its quality of life and natural beauty. Much of this revolves around water as I discovered during several trips as a “Swiss miss.”

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Unlike Australia, Antarctica is only a continent, not also a country. That’s because it does not have sovereignty, a government, a political system, an army or a permanent population.