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Travel to all seven “Cs” (continents) here without a suitcase or mask! Discover with me as I visit 100+ countries, recounting former and experiencing new adventures. Learn about wonders of wanderlust from North and South America to Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

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I’m American-made, Brussels-based and world-traveled. With footprints on all continents, I share stories about them to transport minds, if not bodies, around the globe. As an award-winning travel writer and well published photographer, I create pictures from words and vice versa.

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Sinterklaas vs. Santa Claus and Other ‘Merry-time’ Traditions

Many traditions this merry time of year have European origins, though the United States has added to them via storytelling and commercialism. Germany created Christmas trees and markets among other traditions, England caroling and the most famous seasonal poem, and the Netherlands Sinterklaas, who became known as Santa Claus in America.

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Denmark is about 50 times smaller than Greenland with only 2 percent of its land space (43,000 vs. 2 million km2). However, Greenland has 1 percent of Denmark’s population (58,000 vs. 5.9 million).